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Welcome to the hanger; this is where I keep all my aircraft on this web site. I'll have a brief description of each aircraft and for some will have a separate page with greater details on their setup and features. The aircraft are listed in the order of purchase and included purchase dates (dates in brackets are build completion dates if applicable), and the date the aircraft was lost, irreparably crashed, or sold.

A Mavic Pro RC quadcoptor drone

DJI - Mavic Pro

June 2017 - Present day

I bought my Mavic Pro in May 2017 and find it an amazing photography and video platform, with incredible portability. It's a simple craft to fly, and pretty much impossible to crash if you're paying any kind of attention whatsoever.

My custom built RC quadcoptor

The Bastard Kwad

June 2017 (August 2017) - Present day

I build the Bastard Kwad as something to have a bit of fun with. I was using the Mavic on sports mode too much and wanted something that would be cheap to repair if I ploughed it into the ground. It's set up for FPV, but I've not tried this yet.

A Horizon Hobby Champ S+ RC plane

Horizon Hobby - Champ S+

August 2017 - Present day

I've wanted to fly aircraft since I was a kid, and the Champ is ideal for flying in the park on a calm day. With it's SAFE features, it's great for learners, however that didn't stop me "landing" in a tree. Spares have been bought and the Champ will be airborne again soon.

A Mini Talon FPV RC V-tail plane

X-UAV - Mini Talon

August 2017 () - Present day

I visited a local flying club, which I've since joined, and saw one of these fly. It was an awesome aircraft, and on sale for £30, so who can resist. It's currently still in its box as I am planning the parts for it's build in the new year.

A Max Thrust Riot RC plane

Max Thrust - Riot

September 2017 - Present day

This is my first proper trainer aircraft. I chose this because of recommendations, it's size, and that it is a very flexible model, going from a sedate trainer, to advanced trainer, to sporty plane by moving control horns, removing a weight, and switching to a 4S battery.

My EFlite Extra 260 plane

EFlite - Extra 260

September 2017 - Present day

The Extra, I simply couldn't resist. It's something to work towards and was an absolute bargain. I've fitted it out with a S6R stabilised receiver, so hopefully I'll get to fly it soon.

A place holder for an image of a Reptile S800 SkyShadow V2 RC FPV flying wing

Reptile - S800 SkyShadow V2

October 2017 () - Present day

The S800 seems to be a very good wing, so thought I'd get one as my first flying wing. It's currently on a slow boat from China.

An image of a Taft Hobby Viper Jet EDF RC jet

Taft Hobby - Viper Jet

November 2017 - Present day

The Viper Jet, like the Extra 260, is an aircraft for the future where a good deal came about. Again it gives me something to aim for.

A place holder for an image of a Sonic64 EDF flying wing

Hobby King Sonic64

December 2017 () - Present day

The Sonic64 is my first wing that I'll actually get to fly, it's also my first EDF that I'll get to fly. I have entered the electric jet age!

An image of my Black Horse Model Speed Air 40 IC aircraft

Black Horse Model Speed Air 40

December 2017 - Present day

The Speed Air 40 is my first nitro aircraft. It has been modified from standard from a tricycle undercarriage to a tail dragger, but that's cool, I'm used to trail draggers through flying the Riot. I'm looking forward to learning the nuances of IC with this aircraft.

A place holder for an image of a Stinger64 Mk2 EDF flying wing

Hobby King Stinger64 Mk2

December 2017 () - Present day

The Stinger64 Mk2 is my first jet that I'll actually get to fly as a precursor to taking up my Viper Jet.

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